Project Soapbox – Exemplar Student Speeches

Below are a few examples of Project Soapbox speeches from classrooms and citywide competitions around the country. You can check out more videos on or on Mikva’s YouTube channel.

The exemplary Soapbox videos below are listed chronologically, from most recent to oldest.


Aakilah, Aurora, IL, 2017


Katie, Aurora, IL , 2017


Angelica, Chicago, 2016


Sebastian, San Fernando Valley, CA, 2016


Javier, Los Angeles, CA, 2016


Eda, Madison, WI, 2016


Travis, Honolulu, HI, 2016


Maya, Washington DC, 2016


Ben, Washington DC, 2016


Dominique, Chicago*, 2016

*Presented at Citizen University National Conference in Seattle, WA


Aisha, Chicago, 2015


Christopher, Chicago, 2013


Conell Richards and Ira Jeter, Chicago, 2013