Project Soapbox

Project Soapbox

Project Soapbox

About the Project Soapbox Curriculum

NOTE: If you teach in Chicago, Southern California, or Washington DC, please contact to find out how to get access to this curriculum for free or for a discounted price. 

Project Soapbox is a weeklong curriculum that has students develop and deliver a speech on an issue they feel passionately about.  Project Soapbox takes students through the stages of identifying qualities of a good speech and structuring a speech. The curriculum includes using rhetorical devices and qualities of effective speech delivery. Project Soapbox culminates with students presenting their speeches to their peers. 

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  1. The purpose of this lesson is for students to structure their speeches around defining a problem and issuing a call to action.
  2. This lesson focuses on speech delivery. Students practice their speeches with their peers and examine the rubric before they go home to practice one last time.

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