Issues to Action

Issues to Action

Issues to Action

About the Issues to Action Curriculum

NOTE: If you teach in Chicago, Southern California, or Washington DC, please contact to find out how to get access to this curriculum for free or for a discounted price. 

Our six step process for youth activism asks students to examine their communities, identify important issues, conduct issue research, analyze power, develop strategies, and take action to impact policy – while reflecting throughout. You can use Issues to Action in a variety of classes or as an after-school club.

Want to hear a teacher’s perspective on Issues to Action? Check out this short video:


Here’s an introduction to the six steps of action civics:

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When you order the Issues to Action Curriculum, you will receive a PDF of the curriculum. You will also receive access to all of the individual Issues to Action lessons on this site. Once you purchase the curriculum and create a user account, come back to the this page to access the materials.



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